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Invest With Your Eyes Not Your Ears

Invest With Your Eyes Not Your Ears

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Trafford Publishing The media continues to perpetuate the same tired, old investing principles, and nave investors are led by the nose to one catastrophic loss after another (2008, 2000, 1987, 1973, etc.). They tout the same advice, but what they're really saying is left unsaid. What "Experts" Say What Underlies Their Advice In-depth research and study of a company's fundamentals is your key to success. We don't know any other way. Don't expect to make money in a Bear market. We've been using the same approach for decades and we can't. Buy and hold is the only safe strategy. We don't know when to sell either. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER The 9 most commonly held investing beliefs are turned inside out and upside down - exposing their flaws for all to see. From these failed myths springs a new faith and a renewed confidence about your investing future. INVEST WITH YOUR EYES . shows you how to close your ears and remove your blinders so that you may (for first time) identify and participate in the 100% - 500% ] risers that are commonplace in any market environment. Skeptical - see for yourself.

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ISBN/ASIN 9781425188238
Language en
Nb de pages 190
Date de publication 2010

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