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Penguin Classics A Man, Dispirited By Ageing, Endeavours To Steal A Younger Man'S Face; A Doctor Yearns For A Virus That Might Eliminate His Discomfort By Turning Everyone Else Into Doubles Of Himself; A Colonel Lays Out The Precepts Of The Life Of De (Do Easy); Conspirators Posthumously Succeed In Blowing Up A Train Full Of Nerve Gas; A Mandrill Known As The Purple Better One Runs For The Presidency With Brutal Results; And The World Drifts Towards Apocalypses Of Violence, Climate And Plague. The Hallucinatory Landscape Of William Burroughs' Compellingly Bizarre, Fragmented Novel Is Constantly Shifting, Something Sinister Always Just Beneath The Surface.

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ISBN/ASIN 9780141189840
Language en
Nb de pages 168
Date de publication 2008

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