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20th century travel

20th century travel

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This is a ticket to ride, fly, drive or sail. This is a lush visual history of the Golden Age of travel. In less than 200 years America perfected the automobile, invented airplanes, freeways, motels and road movies, and sent men to the Moon. Along the way, travel was democratized - enabling millions to visit distant countries, or simply explore their own. And though it may seem quaint in this era of long-haul flights and vacation packages, early leisure travel involved adventure, romance and privilege; the world was still vast and mysterious, its further reaches accessible only to those with time and money to spare. But the rise of commercial airlines brought far-flung locations within popular reach and reduced travel time to a matter of hours. Beach resorts, tanning, and family vacations followed, while singles were seduced by images of bikini-clad girls and handsome fellows lounging poolside.

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ISBN/ASIN 9783836519410
Language en
Nb de pages 389
Date de publication 2010

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